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Skull Theory


Another method we have come across to help with gender identification is by looking at key features of the baby’s skull, some say you can tell a boy from a girl, but this is so wrong 

The theory says there is a difference that can be seen in certain aspects of the male and female skull.

The male cranial mass is said to be more block shaped and massive compared to the females with a narrow jawline 

Female skulls are said to be more narrow and a rounded lower jaw bone.

That’s all true after we reach maturity.

If you watch a ultrasound video on YouTube, you will clearly see the head shape "change" depending how in-depth the ultrasound waves reach, once the scan has reached half way through baby (nose bone seen) in a mid-line sagittal plane all skulls are the same 

Anyone saying they see Gender differences in a ultrasound image is pulling your leg

Skull Theory is a Flip of the Coin! its 50:50

This is why I prefer to use The Nub Method when determining gender in babies.

Nub Method has been extremely accurate in my own work/personal years of experience

 You can try it out for yourself if you wish! just don't rely on this theory!

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